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In the largest sense, homelessness means not having a constant home temporarily or permanently. It is a very significant problem all over the world. Nevertheless, the United States of America is one of the most badly suffering countries from this issue. The number of homeless people further grew in the 1980s, as housing and social service cuts increased and the economy deteriorated.

The United States government determined that somewhere between 200. 000 and 500. 000 Americans were then homeless. Since then, there has been no decrease in homeless people number; even rate of homelessnessВ has been traveling at breakneck speed. The reason is not related only only one thing. America have been undergoing such a problem many different reasons; mainly economic deficiency, personal problems, and environmental grounds.

Firstly, financial deficits are among the most striking causes. Market conditions in America do not have a stable position as in other countries. There are remarkable fluctuations at different times throughout the whole year. Not only do effect these fluctuations effect employees but also effect managers. These unstable changes in economics result in too many disorders. In relation to population the states in which homeless people live the most intensively are California (195. 637), Texas (39. 578), and New York (59. 456).

As a result of this condition, nearly all people from workers to employers experience difficulty in getting by, subsisting their lives, and maintaing their families welfare. Furthermore, their incomes do not meet their outcomes. To be able to rent or purchase a house, people firstly must meet their basic needs such as catering and drinking. If people can not find anything to eat, how can you expect fromВ them to buy a house. Another cause is associated with personal matters. Some people have chronic illnesses and adverse habits and these factors can also lead to homelessness.

Actually, people who are afflicted by such ailments possess enough economic power. Nonetheless, according to them there is nothing to tie up themselves to their houses or their families. This situation more general for adventurous and daring teenagers. They consider outer hectic and strict life is more exciting and thrilling than their silent and stagnant lives. Another drive can be their philosophy of life that From now on, we are not children, we grew up and should not depend on our families. As well as being an adventurer, such youngsters may in habit of using some dangerous substances-alcohol, illegal drugs etc.

Therefore, in order to conceal their these habits and fulfill their dream of standing on their own feet they often run away from their houses and do not keep in touch with their families. An outer force pulls them out of their homes. When they start fleeing to streets they are innocent and gullible. However, time goes by they begin to be involved in crimes, rows, illegal affairs etc. That is why street gangs appear.

Lastly, nature has an enormous impact on American peoples lives since climate in America is somewhat complex and they can not exactly guess what will weather bring to them. Sometimes it is too dry and causes droughts, hurricanes, and tornados particularly in Central America. Sometimes it is too rainy and causes mudslides, floods etc.

Thus, American people have to deal with natural disasters in certain periods of the year. People lose their homes due to these calamities and look for new solutions to find a shelter for themselves. Yet, it is not so easy as victims think to take a shelter effortlessly. Because this situation is not something concerning humankind. It results from our environment and is too harsh to overcome. When they could not find a sanctuary they produce some other ways-setting up rents, erecting shanties.

In conclusion, there are some remarkable reasons for homelessness in America. They are getting worse and worse. As you can see and understand the circumstance in which American people struggle to catch catch up with life is not so promising. Government and authorisedВ officials should take the initiative to find reasonable ways to prevent homelessness such as providing poor people with affordable houses. Otherwise, current condition may deteriorate and it may be too difficult to deal with this problem in near futur.